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Allow me to Translate

Allow Me To Translate, commissioned for På Tå Hev in 2019, premiered on Stage 2 of the Oslo Opera house on December 21st.


Toying with the assumption that dance has to have a direct meaning, the narrator offers loose translations while observing the day in the life of young people sometime in the future. In this future, verbal language is replaced by highly sensitive movement... some may call it dance.

Choreography and Concept: Shane Urton

Rehearsal Director: Ingvild Krogstad

Light Design: Harald 

Costume design: Sarah da Fonseca

Music: Cuckoo,Bittern (Cosmo Sheldrake), L'appuntamento (Calibro 35), A Softer Blade (Ryan Lott)

Narration and Text: Shane Urton

Photos: Jörg Wiesner, and Ingvild Krogstad

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