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Future premiered in August 2018 in Norwegian National Ballet's RAW evening. This piece was a collaboration between Matias Rønningen and Shane Urton.

In Future, the two characters are in a potential future where they are caught by waves of nostalgia for a past they have never experienced. Rather they entertain their nostalgic urges amongst plastic clwith the echos of arias and unusual movements to made up histories.

Choreography and performers: Matias Rønningen & Shane Urton

Music: Les Contes d' Hoffman: Les oiseaux dans la charmilles (Jacques Offenbach, Mária Gyurkovics), Belle Nuit, ô nuit d'amour (Jacques Offenbach, Edita Gruberova, Claudia Eder)

Soundscape & Poem: Matias Rønningen

Narration: Shane Urton

Photos: Victoria Francisca

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